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Ways to be More Productive at Work

Forbes‘s article, 10 Easy Ways to be More Productive at Work, talks about how we can be more productive at work:

  1. Understand your Body’s Timetable.  In other words, if you are not a morning person, you should move complex tasks to later in the day.   If you are a morning person, you should work on complex tasks then.  Move routine and boring tasks to afternoon when you have an afternoon slow-down.  You chose to do work based on your body’s natural rhythms.
  2. Prioritize Prioritizing.   First, determine which tasks are most important.  Then, prioritize them based on time needed to complete. Next, determine when they need to be done during the day or week based on your own unique body’s timetable.
  3. Establish Routines.   Create and set maintain routines simple tasks such as checking e-mails, responding to routine requests, and completing projects.   For checking e-mails, you can create rules to automate the process.  This routine can include delegating tasks on projects to others.
  4. Batch Together Similar Tasks.  Our brain learns and executes complex tasks by lumping them together.  By batching your similar tasks together, you can be more efficient.  In their example, make all of your calls after another or draft and send e-mails at one time.
  5. Take Breaks.  Complex tasks tax us mentally.  We can only focus on complex tasks for limited amount of time.  To maximize our efficiency, we need to take breaks and give our brain a rest.
  6. Create A Five-Minute List.  If your energy is waning or you are procrastinating to start a major task, create a five-minute list.  A to-do list is easy and helps you become productive again.   You can also do internet searches, printing, or sorting documents to get you back on track.
  7. Don’t Multi-Task.  Don’t try to do two different tasks at the same time.  Our brain is not good at multitasking or switching between complex tasks quickly.  Focus on one item at time – either sending e-mails or making calls.
  8. Do A Daily Brain Dump.  Write down all ideas and to-dos.  You can write down all of your thoughts, ideas, and errands.  Then, you can connect the dots later.
  9. Make Routine Tasks Fun.  Instead of procrastinating on completing boring tasks, listen to music.  You will find yourself more motivated to complete the tasks.  Or move to another environment if possible.  Make calls from conference room if possible.
  10. Use High-Performance Procrastination.  If you are procrastinating, ask yourself why.  Do you need to complete the task? Are you missing something.  Create a to-do-list.   Do you understand the project?  Ask for clarification.  Is the goals out of alignment with the project’s objective.

We are interested to find out if anyone does all of these actions.  Do they really help?  Is there anything on this list that you do not agree with?  Is there an actions that you would add or change?  Please tell us.  We are always looking for ways to improve our productivity at work for our employees and clients.


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