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Upcoming Holidays

With Halloween gone, I am thinking about the next upcoming holidays.   With Holiday decorations out in stores and some radio stations even playing a Holiday jingle from time to time, thoughts are on how to pay for it this year.  What are you going to do? Everyone that I have spoken with about upcoming holidays have decided that they will be spending less this year due to increase in household costs such as groceries and gas.  Some are getting a second jobs to assist with extra spending cash.

Some are setting up limits on holiday spending or using layaway to purchase gifts.  Have you thought of setting spending limits?  Or using layaway?    My family has decided that we are going to purchase gifts for children of the family.  Have you had any family discussions about who you are going to purchase gifts for this season?

What are you planning to do for your holiday purchases?  Are you cutting back on how much you are going to spend? Are you changing your holiday gift giving practice?  Have you decided to create a spending budget? Or use layaway?

Have you thought about getting a second job to assist with your gift purchases?  If so, please view our available jobs listed on our website or contact any of our offices for more information on how to join our team.

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