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To-Do Apps

Since it is a new year, I have been thinking of how to make life easier with new Apps for my phone and laptop.  Today, I’m going to talk about different To-Do Apps.

Apps, To-Do Apps

Mashable has a list of their choices for the Top 6 To-Do Apps:

  1. The Goal Setter: Astrid.  This app has following functions: pre-set lists, ability to have reminders, ability to share lists with others, and ability to speak on the go (some functions are for only premium users/paid access).   There are desktop and mobile versions that synchronize.  ** I cannot access Astrid at this time to download and try out.  Yahoo purchased them, but the website is only information at this time.
  2. The Minimalist: Todoist.  This app allows you to create lists and organize them – both online and offline using Html 5.  You can access the app as desktop or mobile versions that syn.  For premium users, they get to integrate Todoist into their calendar, search capabilities, more colors, charts, reminders, and project templates.
  3. The Multitasker: Remember the Milk.  You create to do lists, but what makes this app; you can add tasks or get reminders in various ways.  You can even use Twitter or Siri to add tasks.  You can receive reminders through text, Skype, or RSS feed.
  4. The Collaborator: Toodledo. This app is for mobile platforms – Apple, Android, or Blackberry.  Organize your tasks, improve your productivity, go anywhere, collaborate with others, and customize your tasks.  You can even import your existing tasks from another task manager.
  5. The Cloud Champion: Wunderlist.  Create your to-do list and share it.  You can access it from anywhere – mobile or desktop.  There is tons of great stuff in the free version that you really don’t need premium or paid version unless you are going to use this app to share files, need a lot of subtasks, or need to converse through the app.
  6. The Kitchen Sink: Workflowy. Everyone loves this app.  You can have multiple lists with tons of sub-lists and tasks.  You can collaborate, keep journal, brainstorm, etc.  Per Lauren Hockenson, “You can simply drop different sections in and fill them in with tasks, subtasks, and so on.”

Which of these apps have you used?  Which ones do you find useful for work?  I am going to try them out and see which ones that I like best.  I like the idea of being able to collaborate with co-workers, but I do not want all of my tasks both personal and work out there where folks can view them.  I like to have an app where I can list both personal and work stuff.  I may have to use two of them.

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