Managing today’s career and workplace expectations in an ever evolving environment.

The Aspen Story

Who We Are

Founded in 1988, Aspen is a full service Workforce Management Solutions firm, offering creative and lasting results in staff augmentation, outsourced services and project management. We support a wide variety of customers both nationally and internationally providing talent across many areas: IT and Technical, Professional,  and Administrative. Our outsourced services include Supplier and Vendor Management solutions and Payroll services.  In addition we have a long history of project oversight for Training and various IT engagements. Our success in human capital management stems from our ability to retain and nurture great talent for some of the country’s leading organizations.

As part of our commitment to provide excellence in service, we offer customized training for our employees, dedicated account management and full life-cycle solutions that extend far beyond traditional staffing. We take pride in giving special care to our customers; paying close attention to specific needs and service preferences. This is one of the many reasons our clients choose Aspen; because of our emphasis on customer satisfaction. We offer flexible options in workforce management customized to meet the needs of our various clients across many sectors.

Our methods of sourcing, selection and placement have enabled us to fill challenging openings resulting in time and cost savings for employers. We are essentially an extension of your HR department. It’s how we solve our clients’ talent management dilemmas that set us apart. Aspen is also a successful global supplier and an award winning firm with a broad range of business certifications and licensing. We don’t limit our services to talent acquisition but go beyond the normal scope to manage, train and grow our clients’ workforce. By offering state-of-the-art assessments and rigorous screening, we can fully support our clients’ human capital needs with highly skilled, ready-to-work individuals.

The Aspen Advantage

Just as the Aspen tree has increased in popularity in forestry and well known for its rapid growth rate and ability to regenerate, The Aspen Group has an excellent reputation for solving today’s workforce management challenges and has experienced steady growth since its inception. The Aspen name has a special synergy and connection to who we are as an organization. To understand just how amazing the similarities are, you must first understand some Aspen facts:

  • The Aspen wood is white and soft, but fairly strong, and has low flammability. It has a number of uses, notably for making matches, where its low flammability makes it safer to use than most other woods. (taken from
  • The Aspen Group has many strengths, one of which is our ability to select, screen and match the right talent for a specific position or project. We are the right choice for our clients because we start with their best interest and ensure safety, compliance and professionalism.
  • While standing trees sometimes tend to rot from the heart outward, the dry timber weathers very well, becoming silvery-grey and resistant to rotting and warping, and has traditionally been used for rural construction. (taken from
  • Aspen Group is resilient and has been able to diversify service offerings offering added value to our customers who need additional support in this ever changing climate. Our customers think of us often for projects large and small.
  • Aspens contain salicylates, compounds related to aspirin. Leaves and leaf buds of aspens have been used to treat burns, irritations, aches, and swollen joints. (taken from
  • No doubt about it…we can relieve the headache associated with the challenges in managing workforce, projects and talent search. Although we recommend you seek medical advice if you experience burns, irritations, aches, and swollen joints we pride ourselves in being a solution oriented company that works diligently to make you the best you can be.