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Outsourced Services


Another facet of the Aspen Group is our Payrolling Service. Companies who need to fill a vacancy for a temporary period of time, explore a temporary to permanent arrangement, manage a special project, accommodate seasonal fluctuations or unexpected growth or bring back employees after restructuring or retirement are excellent candidates for contractor payrolling.

If you have candidates who you would like to hire permanently or former employees that you would like to bring back short term, we can payroll them for you. Payrolling affords you the opportunity to work with individuals you might consider for permanent employment before you make a commitment and a large investment. Since you initially identified the candidate, saving us time and money, we can offer a cost savings. Additionally payrolling eliminates finder’s fees or buyouts if you do convert candidates to permanent employees.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Aspen Group’s Payrolling Services:

  • Focus on your business while we manage your payroll process.
  • Reduce your unemployment and workers’ comp claims by placing the responsibilities in our hands.
  • Determine if the perspective employee is the right individual before you make a final hiring decision.
  • Adjust the size of your workforce based on your staffing needs.
  • Reduce co employment risk.