Managing today’s career and workplace expectations in an ever evolving environment.

Managed Services

As a human resources and staffing firm, we place strong emphasis on management. Not only do we have the capacity to aggressively recruit, thoroughly assess, and select qualified staff for many disciplines and skill categories,  we provide IT and professional staffing for project based needs and offer permanent placement. What you will find unique about Aspen is our ability to quickly identify your management challenge and then immediately work towards a Solution.

A few programs we’ve been successful in managing:

  • Health and medical benefits open enrollment
  • Research surveys and data gathering
  • Removal and exchange of new computer equipment and peripherals
  • Customer service and tour guide assistance
  • SAP implementation
  • Annual association conference support
  • College application input and processing
  • Seasonal book store clerical staff and cashiers

As you can see, Aspen offers more than just people.

Sub-vendor Sourcing and Management Services

Aspen provides a strategic sourcing network that works in conjunction with your preferred vendor program. It simplifies your sub-vendor management by funneling all non-core vendors through a single channel.

  • Sourcing
  • Screen submissions
  • Submit top candidates
  • Feedback to vendors
  • Interview process
  • Negotiation/selection
  • Allows use of “Boutique” vendors for specialized needs
  • Work with 1099’s to move them to an incorporated status
  • On/Off Boarding
  • Verify background checks, drug screens
  • Educate vendors and consultants
  • Flowdown of contracts
  • Audit trail of required consultant paperwork
  • Contractor setup and off-boarding
  • Management
  • Verification of signed MSA/SOW agreements
  • Extension management
  • Invoices through one MBE source
  • Monthly spend reporting
  • Contractor quality feedback
  • Diversity Certification tracking
  • Diversity Certification tracking
  • 2nd tier audits
Benefits from using Aspen

  • Maximize your access to contract talent for difficult to fill skill sets.
  • Simplified contract management.
  • Single point of contact for issue resolution.
  • Cost savings through reduced invoicing and better rates through competition
  • Reduced risk from second tier suppliers.
  • Reduced risk from 1099’s
  • More accurate reporting.