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Second Monitors

Second Monitors are essential to most folks since it helps us work in multiple applications without missing a step.  One the first monitor screen, you can have a specific job open on Monster while on your second monitor, you can have Word open, so you can modify your resume to match the specifics of the job that you are applying to.  You can switch between the two without closing it down or minimizing them for the most efficiency.

CBS Money Watch announced a new monitor by AOC.  It has weird name – E1659FWU.  What makes it unique and different from other monitors – It is USB powered!  It is lightweight, thin LCD monitor, that is powered by your laptop computer by USB.  Now, you have the ability to have a second monitor for your laptop on the go!   Did I mention that its cheap?

Would you buy any tech gadgets to assist with a job search?  Or would you rather wait until you landed the job before buying the latest tech gadgets?  Let Aspen assist you with your next job search.  View our available jobs to find your next job.  We are looking for new employees to join the Aspen team.


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