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Ready for your next flight

Today, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finally announced that they are going to allow us to use our portable electronic devices  below 10,000 feet.  Very soon, you will be able to turn on any of your electronic devices – tablet, laptop, iPad©, Kindle©, and even your cell phone in airplane mode without having to turn them off for take-offs or landings.

Delta Airline

FAA is going to allow airlines to determine when and how to allow us to use these devices.  Most likely, we will be able to use these devices most of the time expect in bad weather.

Before airlines can allow these devices, they must first prove that these electronics are safe on their airplanes.  Delta has already completed their tests and filed their paperwork for FAA’s approval.  Due to small fleet, JetBlue is expected to all of its airplanes tests completed and file their paperwork shortly.  Other airlines will follow suit.


Depending on how quickly FAA approves these two airlines, we may or may not see it this holiday season.   Even if the approval are not until next year, it will still be great news for parents planning trips for their kids in 2014.

Are there any other changes that you would like to see while flying?   How about shorter security lines?  How about shorter lines at baggage check?

What do you think? Please comment and let us know.  We look forward to reading your comments.


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