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Job Crush

Job Crush

Have you ever had a “Job Crush”? It is when you find the “perfect” job for you.   You love the idea for working in this position for this company.  You have interviewed and told you think that you did great job.  Now, you wait to hear when you start.  Due to your crush, you delay your job search.  You have found your “perfect job” – why look anymore.

Years ago, I had a “Job Crush”.  I had made it through the selection process, got the interview, and was told that I was out of 2. Well, I did not get it.  I found out several years later that I really missed the “bullet”.  I would have hated the job and the company.

J.T. O’Donnell, Founder & CEO of, author of Coping With “Job Crush” When Looking for Work offers the following steps to get over your Job Crush:

1: Always Assume You Didn’t Get the Job

#2: Provide Yourself With Incentive to Seek Other Jobs

 #3: Create a Bucket List to Keep Things in Perspective

#4: Reach Out to a Job Search Buddy

How did you get over your  “job crush”?  For me, I took temporary jobs with the mindset that these are temporary while I wait for my “Job Crush” position to materialized.  When it did not materialized, I finally found another job to be excited about and really enjoyed.

If you are looking to get over a Job Crush  or looking for a job to “crush” on, please contact Aspen.  Your next “Job Crush” may be with us!

If you landed your “Job Crush”, please let us know.  I would loved to hear from folks that did.

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