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How to improve your LinkedIn Profile

Are you constantly getting bombarded with an e-mail telling you “How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile”? I have 10 e-mails waiting on me to be read in my inbox right now about this subject.

I was browsing the online news and found a great article on Forbes about this subject –  Five LinkedIn Strategies You Haven’t Thought Of Before.   After reading the article, I would have name it the  “Five LinkedIn Strategies That You Do Without Thinking” before you do them.

 1. Scoping the Competition

2. Job scoping/background checks

3. Advanced People Finder

4. A Sales Reinforcement

5. Extra Clever Uses for LinkedIn Polls

I can say that I have done first 3 tasks without thinking about them before doing them.  The last two – Sales Reinforcement and Uses for LinkedIn Polls – I never thought of those two, but I am going to see how I can incorporate them into my day.

Have you ever done any of these?  If so, which ones?  Want to know more about Aspen, please visist our Aspen’s Linkedin Company Page or contact us.  We are looking always looking for new employees.



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