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Flag – A Photo Printing App

What do you think about Flag – a photo-printing app?  I know that it has not been released yet, but do you like the idea of it? Please comment below.

Flag, photo sharing app

As I have mentioned in my other posts, I am looking for ways to make life easier for me – both in my work and personal lives in 2014.  This app sounds great.  You can take photos at company work function or your kid’s birthday party.  Then, choose the photos in Flag app – they will print and mail 20 of them back to you for free each month.  You will pay for additional ones.  Did I mention free shipping is United States?

If you do not know what I am talking about, let me explain.  Flag is a new app (application) on your smartphone that allow you to choose photos to print.  Then, Flag prints them and mails them out to you.  You get 20 free photos per month.  How is it free you ask?  (Yes, I thought that there was a catch too).  They advertise on the backside of the photos.  Since the photos are going to be printed on nice quality paper, who cares what is on the backside.  No one is going to see the backside in photo album or scrapbook.

Have you donated to the Kickstarter program yet for it?  If not, here is the link.  I want to get my free prints and credit to get other prints.  I love the idea.  I am storing them like crazy, but I do not print them off.  I love to show pictures to folks, but I never have the time to stop, download them to my computer, and then, upload them to the “other” companies to print.  I love the idea of being an app and pulling directly from my phone.

Are you a mobile app developer? If so, please reach out to one of Aspen’s Staffing Specialists at 800-550-6289.  We have clients that are always seeking new developers.

If you are a client looking for a mobile app developer, please reach out to one of Aspen’s Staffing Specialists at 800-550-6289 for assistance with your hiring needs.

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