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Cyber Monday Shopping

Today’s news are all about Cyber Monday Shopping.    Aol talked about shopping  while at work today in It’s Cyber Monday: Is Getting That Unbeatable Deal Worth Your Job?” 

Cyber Monday Shopping

It made me think…. What if you could purchase your next job?  Would you want a position as a IT Helpdesk Professional or CEO?  Or would you want a position as a Hospital Admissions Professional or a Social Worker? What responsibilities would you want to do? Consulting or being a temporary is similar to purchasing your next job.  Instead of purchasing using money, you are using your skills and time as the commodity while working for a client.  Aspen’s clients are seeking folks to be our next  IT Help Desk ProfessionalMedical Service SpecialistPatient Collections Representative, Database Analyst, Telecommunications Engineer, or Executive Administrative Assistant . To find your next job, please contact one of our Aspen’s Staffing Specialist to assist you with your search at 301-650-6200.

As an employer, what would you do?  Using Aspen to find your next employee or temporary is similar to cyber shopping, Aspen finds the worker or temporary person for you with the specific skills that you need.   The Aspen Group, Inc. can help you find Mobile Cloud Developers,  IT Help Desk professionals, Medical Billing specialists, Patient Collections representatives, Project Managers, Telecommunications Engineers, or Executive Administrative Assistants for your company.  Please reach out to one of our Aspen staffing specialist to assist you with your niche staffing, healthcare, or IT staffing needs at 301-650-6200.

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