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Is the Arctic Blast Good?

I just read an article by WRAL that the Arctic Blast is good for us.   In the WRAL‘s article, Deep Freeze Has Silver Linings For Natural World, it talks about the stopping of erosion of shorelines due to water being frozen, by killing bug pests such as Ash Borer or Gypsy Moth, and by killing invasive plants such as Kudzu which have not evolved to be cold weather tolerant.  

Arctic Blast - Frozen Chicago Shoreline Arctic Blast good for us arctic blast

 What do you think?  Do you think that this Arctic Blast has been good for us?  From the WRAL article, John Lenters states that we used to get cold like this all of the time.  It has only been in recent years that we stopped due to global warming.  He noted that none of the cities affected by the Arctic Blast had broken any all-time records for the temperatures.

How do you think that weather has affected job seekers or managers seeking new workers?

If you are seeking employment, has it slowed you down any?  If you want, you can stay in your home and call us to find out what opportunities that we have.  Please reach out to one of Aspen’s Staffing Specialists at 1-800-550-6289 to assist you finding employment.   Or you can click to view our openings here.

If you are seeking new workers, has it slowed you down?  If you want, you can stay in your office and call us to assist you with your hiring needs.  Please reach out to one of Aspen’s Staffing Specialists at 1-800-550-6289 to assist you.

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