Managing today’s career and workplace expectations in an ever evolving environment.


Armentha “Mike” Cruise is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Aspen Group, Incorporate.  She is a human resource manager by profession with a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management received from American University.  She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Morgan State University and an honorary Doctorate from Sojourner Douglas College.  An active business and community leader and education advocate, Ms. Cruise leads the charge for the raising funds for disadvantaged students and donates her time as well as personal funds to create scholarship opportunities and resource centers for elementary schools.

Ms. Cruise serves on several boards and is dedicated to fighting for the preservation of future minority and women-owned businesses.   Additionally, she desires to create a center for higher learning and is currently working on The Aspen Educational Foundation and Aspen Institute, a training center and learning facility, targeting people re-entering the workforce.

Christina Fitts is the Executive Vice President of The Aspen Group .  With over 20 years in the staffing industry, Ms. Fitts has helped both major corporations and small businesses meet their workforce management needs.   A graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, Ms. Fitts has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications.   She also attended Dartmouth College where she completed three Basic and Advanced Minority Business Executive Programs at the Amos Tuck Business School and the Darden Business School at the University of Virginia.   Additionally, Ms. Fitts has lectured and trained businesses locally on a variety of workforce management topics such as ‘service expansion’ and ‘success as a federal contractor’.  She also, created the company’s ‘clientology’ philosophy and is an active board and committee member for workforce development and minority business programs.