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14 Ways To Stay Focused At Work

I just read a great article by Forbes “14 Ways To Stay Focused At Work This Holiday Season“.  Not only will it help with staying focus at work, it will help us lower our stress levels, and help us stay motivated at work.

Focus, Stay Focused at work

From this article, Here are 14 ways to Stay Focused (and Lower Stress) at Work This Holiday Season:

1. Take a few days off. (To spend time with family, take care of kids while out of school, and to go shopping and other personal tasks during the holidays.).

2. Plan early and communicate your expectations and schedule. (To plan your personal and work schedule, so you can be in more control of your day and weeks during the holidays.  Having control over your time during the holiday helps to lower stress levels.)

3. Create your to-do list and prioritize tasks. (Creating lists will help you with prioritizing your work and personal tasks.  Also, by listing them, you can get them out of your head and delegating tasks if needed.  You will lessen your stress.)

4. Avoid multitasking. (Work on one project at a time – then, you can feel like you accomplished your goals – both personal and work.  You will not create stress by feeling that you don’t have time to do everything at once.)

5. Start working on year-end projects and personal tasks early.  (By starting on your projects early, you can check off items on your list.  You can have more focus on your work and personal tasks without creating stress due to feelings of running out of time.)

6. Don’t take your work home.  (Due to the holidays, you have more personal tasks or activities to complete while you are away from work.  Having a work and personal life balance during the holidays is important to keeping your stress levels down. )

7. Get into the spirit. (You can’t be a Grinch while listening to holiday music.  A good mood is contagious).

8. Watch out for distractions. (While at Work, stay focus on work.  Shop after work – don’t try to cram too much into a work day.  It will just increase your stress and make you less focus for both work and personal tasks).

9. Take care of yourself physically. (Exercise more to relieve stress.  Sleep more to keep your stress levels down.  Watch your food and drink – limit your sugary and alcoholic beverages, so your sleep is not impaired.).

10. Don’t over-commit. (Don’t try to do too much – too many activities, parties, things to do, etc.  Prioritize the important tasks, parties, etc., so you enjoy this holiday season without stressing everyone including yourself.)

11. Remind yourself to stay focused at work.  (Don’t think about holiday season – easier than it thinking, but if you stay focused at work, then you will be able to get everything done.  It will cut down on self-imposed stress that we create due to not being able to get everything done that we need to do.)

12. Do a self-evaluation. (Each day, evaluate your productivity level.  Was you too distracted? Anything that you would change – then, make the change the next day or week to increase your focus and lower your stress).

13. Look forward to next year.  (To keep you motivated and focused at work, think about the new year – new projects, budgets, or tasks that you will complete in the new year. )

14. Remember what the holidays are all about.  (Remember that we should enjoy our holidays – not stress about them.  It is easy to forget to just “enjoy” them.)

As an employee, are there any ways that you would add to this list?  Anything that you would remove?  If you are looking toward to next year and new job, please reach out to Aspen at 301-650-6200.

As an employer, do you think that these ways could assist your employees?  Would you consider implementing any of these ways as company policy?  Are you looking to next year and needing employees?  If so, please reach out to Aspen at 301-650-6200.

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2 Responses to 14 Ways To Stay Focused At Work

  1. Anica Wensman December 17, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    This certainly is a crazy time of year! You’ve put together a really solid list of tips. We came up with some of our own:

    • Delaina Bernier December 18, 2013 at 11:53 am #


      Thanks for your comment. I like your blog too. I will be trying app on my phone.

      Have a great Holiday Season!